The health and safety of all of our members and the staff who serve them is our absolute priority.

We have been mobilising our action plan since before the lockdown happened.

Two weeks before gyms were asked to close we had already cut session length down by 10 minutes to allow disinfecting of all used equipment between sessions and were already delivering Live PT sessions so members had the choice to train from home if they had already taken the decision to self-isolate.

When the closing order came we were fully prepared and ramped up our online offering.

Our doors closed but our support carried on exactly as it had before.

We have had a lot of fun with members during lockdown keeping them physically and mentally active and giving them any and all support we can.

We are more than 'just a gym' we are a full health and well-being service and the best goddamned community you will ever see so it was only right that our mission carried on just as before.

We are now turning our attention to how we will reopen our doors.

It is very clear that we need to be more stringent than ever to ensure members and staff alike are safe within our four walls.

We believe that this absolutely can be achieved and that the model we use with small groups in well managed spaces is the perfect environment to support people's health and fitness in a post pandemic world.

With that being the case we have put a number of measures in place already and we have more measures being put in place before we open.

As members of The IFBA (International Fitness Business Alliance) we have direct support on our response to Coronavirus through UK Active (The national body that lobbies the Government on behalf of the Health and Fitness Industry) to make sure that what we are doing is ahead of government guidelines and ensuring that safety of members and staff.

The social distancing conditions that are being suggested for gyms are:

- A maximum of 100 sqft per person in the building at any one time

- The ability for people exercising to keep 6 feet apart where possible

- Kit sharing is kept to a minimum and stopped where possible

- Anti-bacterial hand cleansers readily available and regular intervals for disinfecting equipment

- Reducing areas where contact is made on shared surfaces such as door handles

- As well as the common sense of limiting contact: things like high-fives, giving people space on the gym floor etc.

Hearing this made us happy as we have always believed in a practised the three major points and the other suggestions are easily implemented in Bodysculpt.
Let us address each point:

- A maximum of 100 sqft per person in the building at any one time

We have 1800 sqft on our training areas and we manage the space with a booking system that limits how many people are in the building at any one time allowing no more than 12 people meaning each person has 150sqft - over the 100 sqft stated on guidelines for social distancing.

Any sessions we ran that previously allowed more than 15 people in the spaces will be reduced so that we NEVER allow less than 100 sqft per member.

We aren't a typical open gym where people turn up whenever they want and just walk in and do their own thing.

We are a small, well-managed site with a booking system that controls the flow of people which mean social distancing is easily implemented and member safety is ensured by the coaches present.

- The ability for people exercising to keep 6 feet apart where possible

Due to the above this allows ample space per member to train allowing the 6 feet separation for members all through their sessions.

- Kit sharing is kept to a minimum and stopped where possible

This is something we have always believed in.

We have always believed that it is difficult to get an effectively coached session if everyone in the room is sharing the same thing.

We have always laid our gym space out to allow for minimal kit sharing and so that members exercising have their own equipment all through their session as much as possible.

We took this a level further in November when we spent £20,000 upgrading our Small Group PT space which meant that people had even more space and even more equipment to use.

We have no more than 3 people in a training space and each space has multiples of all the  equipment meaning very minimal kit sharing.

- Anti-bacterial hand cleansers readily available and regular intervals for disinfecting equipment

The soaps we have always used in Bodysculpt have always been anti-bacterial and before we closed down we made anti-bacterial products available on the gym floor.

Adding to this we will be installing more anti-bacterial stations on all training areas, social areas and where members enter and leave the premises and ensuring every member uses them before and after a session as a minimum.

Secondly, we have our own full time cleaner on staff who performs a deep clean every day to an incredible standard.

The fact our cleaner is directly employed by Bodysculpt means we have total control over the cleanliness of our facility - we aren't relying on third parties.

We have always been complimented on general cleanliness which we expect as standard but unfortunately is lacking in most gym facilities.

That said we wont just be relying on our already high standard of cleaning.

We will also be increasing the regularity of our cleaning rota during shifts as well to further reinforce the cleanliness and disinfecting of the site.

- Reducing areas where contact is made on shared surfaces such as door handles

Since Coronavirus closed our doors we have done a deep review of our site and looked for areas of shared surfaces.

We have highlighted a number of spots in the gym and some of the systems we used to operate where we can improve.

Although the way we operated was safe only 2 months ago in a post-Covid world the rules have changed and as we mentioned at the start we need to be more stringent than ever.

We will be remodelling the social area on our site as well as some of the points where members interact with our space (such as how members enter the building) with the goal of minimising the contact members have to make with the building and increasing the usable space.

- As well as the common sense of limiting contact: things like high-fives, giving people space on the gym floor etc.

Our community is strong and resilient and has always showed respect to each other.

Allowing each other space in the gym and being respectful of each other is easy for a site like ours.

Members get to know each other and work together unlike a lot of gym set ups where intimidation and ego stops any team-work.

As well as giving each other space the simple things like high-fives were already stopped before we had to close our doors.

The values we have always operated by have allowed ourselves to be in a strong position to lead the health and fitness charge in Warrington and the surrounding areas when restrictions are lifted.

We have never over-sold memberships and we have always protected space and member experience.

Twice we have stopped allowing new members to join and created a waiting list so that current members experience was protected.

We never have and will never cram as many people in as we can.

We have always kept a close eye on session capacity to ensure members get the experience we expect - a spacious gym that isn't overcrowded.

Now that said we aren't just going to be relying on the fact that the way we already operated means people are safe, we will be taking it a step further.

As mentioned earlier we are going to be remodelling parts of our site to improve space and reduce member contact with the building.

We are going to be upping our already impressive cleaning schedules.

We will be continuing our online support as both a stand-alone product and for our in-person members so they have the choice of how they would like to be supported.

We are going to implement anti-bacterial stations throughout the entrance, social areas and the gym floor as well as other measures that will allow us to continuously improve staff and member safety while providing both the results and experience we always aim to deliver to continue our mission of empowerment.

We are looking forward to bringing in new people and welcoming back our members whenever we are safe to do so. We will be putting a smile back on their face and we will be showing them how hard we have worked to protect their health.

As with our health and well-being support we aim to provide an industry leading response to dealing with Covid and providing health and well-being support in a new look world.

Transform your body and change your life without dying of boredom on the treadmill.

Unit K, Hoyle Point
Hoyle Street, Bewsey